Digital Returns

We warmly welcome any offers of digital return by private individuals that have spent time in Milingimbi, or from owners of private collections that hold works collected in Milingimbi. This may include:

      • Artworks or other items of material culture
      • Images or film taken in and around Milingimbi
      • Sound or audio recordings such as oral histories or recordings of ceremony or manikay

These personal collections are a significant part of our digital repatriation program and are some of the most meaningful and popular collections that have been returned. These photos, film and audio contain the faces and voices of family members and the landscapes of home.

These photos are cherished not only for their sentimental value, but they keep stories of people and other local histories within living memory. If you own photos like this from your time in Milinigmbi, please consider sharing them with us!

Please also remember that Milingimbi is home to over 11 clan groups that come from all over Arnhem Land. Significant connections are maintained between families that live in Milingimbi today and those in the towns and surrounding homelands of Galiwin’ku (Elcho Island), Gapuwiyak (Lake Evella) and Rammingining. If you have spent time in these places, chances are we represent artists of clans that are associated with these places. Please consider returning any photos you may have that we can reconnect with families today. If you have any questions or inquiries, please contact as today.

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Fee for Service: Private Enquiries

As a community owned and operated art centre, Milingimbi Art and Culture is in a unique position to facilitate enquiries between external parties and the Milingimbi community. We are often asked to assist with identifying artists, or clarifying artwork stories, clan and other cultural information, for example. While we gladly complete this work to ensure information is collected and shared in an efficient, fair and appropriate way, this work can be time consuming and takes us away from our core mission and daily work. In recognition of the work required to follow up enquiries we charge the following fees:

Initial Enquiry – $50

An initial enquiry attempts to identify and engage the relevant authority in regard to your query.

Answers will vary depending on the nature of the enquiry and there is no guarantee that the desired information or outcome will be attained. This process usually takes  a minimum of one hour and can be impacted by individual accessibility and ceremonial activity. The fee goes towards covering costs and resources involved including staff wages; appropriate payment for informants’ time and knowledge; and use of the art centre car and fuel.

We will forward any information gathered during this initial enquiry and provide advice on what further work may be involved if your query remains unresolved, including the likelihood of success. If the initial enquiry does not yield the desired result, it will usually provide a good measure of what is required.

Further Enquiries

If further follow up is required we will quote this on a case-by-case basis depending on the degree and complexity of language, cultural authority and other logistical considerations. If there is mutual benefit for the art centre, fees may be waived or reduced. A general guide is $50 per hour.

Further Information

Please contact for all enquiries.

Please remember that we are a small independent art centre with limited funding and resources, operating in an extremely isolated location. It can take time to track down the appropriate authority and facilitate a space in which the desired information is forthcoming. We thank you for your understanding.